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e-Mental Health & Substance Use Application

Minder is an e-mental health and substance use app currently being developed by the Mental Health Systems and Services Laboratory at the University of British Columbia. Intended for Canadian university students, Minder aims to help users build skills to manage common mental health and substance use problems, in addition to promoting resilience and formation of social connections. To do this, the app provides evidence-based skills and information for any user who may be struggling with their mental health, or who simply wants to build resiliency in their everyday life; and it also connects users with appropriate services and student groups on campus and within the community.

Minder is being developed as part of a larger Health Canada-funded research study investigating how common mental health problems are in the university student population, how these challenges impact overall student wellbeing, and what tools might be effective in addressing student mental health challenges. My role in this project, along with co-designer Mona Li, was to design the user interface (UI) of the Minder app, as well as aspects of its user experience (UX), in preparation for the app's soft launch in an upcoming randomized control trial research study. The app will eventually be made available for free to all university students in Canada.



Client: Dr. Daniel Vigo, MD, Lic. Psych, DrPH

Audience: Canadian undergraduate and graduate university students (subclinical population)

Format: UI and UX design for mobile (iOS and Android)

Media: Adobe Photoshop, Figma, InVision

Date: May 2021

Minder mockups

Process work

Coming soon!

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