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Hi, I'm Julia.

I'm recent graduate of the Master of Science in Biomedical Communications (MScBMC) at the University of Toronto.

I’m a creative problem-solver and storyteller who strives to increase the accessibility of complex topics in science and medicine using clear and engaging visualizations. I draw upon my interdisciplinary background in basic and clinical sciences, my training in classical drawing, and my love of storytelling to bring science to life.


I'm particularly interested in research dissemination and data visualization for people of all levels of science and health literacy.​ Presently, my professional interests lie at the intersection of research, user experience, and interactive media design. With each project I undertake, I endeavour to understand the science as well as the audience, in order to create innovative learning experiences and environments tailored to audience needs.


Photo credit: Monica Allaby

My Design Process

All my projects begin with the discovery of a communication challenge in science or medicine that can be overcome with a visual solution.

Define & Research
With a challenge identified, I conduct research that helps define the surrounding ‘problem space’: this could range from investigations of the target audience, to examination of current visual solutions. Then, I research the science to gain a clear understanding of the subject matter.

Once I’ve got a clear understanding of the challenge and of the science, I come up with potential solutions. I’ll take the best one(s) forward to the realization stage.

Create & Consult
Whether the solution is an illustration, interface, or experience, I draw upon a variety of skills to bring the project to life. Throughout the creation process, I consult feedback from clients and end users (when possible), which fuels continued refinement of the media object.

Cycles of feedback and refinement enable the creation of a visual solution which addresses the communication challenge and which achieves the visions of both client and artist.

"This sounds great... I want to collaborate!"

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