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Dental Pathology Atlas

Jawbone3D is an interactive augmented reality (AR) application designed and built as a five-week collaborative project with Alex Young, Yue (Shawn) Liu, and Bernadette MacNeil. This educational app helps dental students understand and identify oral pathologies that are rare or hard to see in the oral cavity, and which are not frequently encountered during clinical learning. Through recognition of 3D printed anatomical models, Jawbone3D allows students to interact with virtual dental models of the mandible or maxilla, in which they can visualize a range of pathological conditions and relevant anatomical features. The app also provides a Pathology Atlas to supplement students’ learning with information on the aetiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of the pathologies they explore in AR. 

Client: Prof. Michael Corrin

Audience: undergraduate dental students

Format: iOS application

Medium: Unity

Date: April 2019


Sound design & composition: Michael Guglia

Process work

Coming soon!


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