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IMS Magazine :

Women's Health Issue

This cover illustration was created for the Summer 2019 issue of the Institute of Medical Science (IMS) magazine (University of Toronto), themed 'Women's Health.' This issue's articles focus on women's roles in healthcare practice, policy, and advancement of health science research; and on women's health issues. This piece endeavours to capture all of these roles and relationships women have with health.

Client: IMS Magazine

Audience: postgraduate medical science students & faculty

Format: print & web (magazine)

Media: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

Date: August 2019

front&back cover mock-up2.png

Final artwork

Process work

cover idea3_corrected.jpeg
Idea2 mock-up.jpg
Idea1 mock-up-01.jpg


At the project's outset, the theme of Women's Health was provided by the magazine's editors-in-chief. The challenge was to come up with a visual concept that would represent, on the magazine's cover, the variety of articles found within the issue - including features on women in healthcare practice, policy, and research; and women's health issues. Initial concepts to encompass this breadth of topics centred around generic representations of health (e.g. a stethoscope). Later concepts focused on humanizing the concept of health, highlighting the roles and relationships women have with respect to health (e.g. patient, scientist, healthcare provider), as well as relevant health conditions. These later concepts also communicated feelings of solidarity and the magnitude/importance of women's health and women in health. Concepts were captured in a thumbnail sketches and placed into mock layouts for the clients' review and selection. 

Idea1 mock-up_final v001.png

Layout & Composition

Moving forward with the client's preferred concept, layout and appearance of page elements was further explored, and the cover illustration was tailored to accommodate these elements. Legibility, visual balance, and salience were key considerations when modifying the illustration.

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