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How to Micropipette:

Forward Pipetting Technique

This sequential illustration was originally created as part of the portfolio requirement for application to the Master of Science in Biomedical Communications program at the University of Toronto. The overall goal of the piece was to demonstrate how to perform a complex task requiring manual dexterity using a series of images alone. This specific sequential illustration was designed as an instructional poster for undergraduate science students learning and applying laboratory skills for the first time. It is intended for display in a wet laboratory training setting to serve as a reference and guide for proper micropipetting technique.

Client: University of Toronto Biomedical Communications Program

Audience: undergraduate science students

Format: print (poster)

Medium: Adobe Illustrator

Date: Fall 2016 / Winter 2021

poster mockup.png
comp sketch_v019-3.png

Final artwork

Process work

Coming soon!

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